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CCMTReaching a New High Again

- CCMT2016press conference held in Shanghai


China MachineTool & Tool Builders’ Association


On March 10, 2016, the China CNC Machine ToolFair 2016 (CCMT2016) press conference was successfully held in Shanghai. Reportersfrom over 40 well-known media including online media, new media, professionaljournals and newspapers, as well as nearly 70 people from sponsor and organizerof CCMT attended the meeting.


CCMT2016 will be held in Shanghai NewInternational Expo Center on April 11-15, 2016. The theme of CCMT2016 is: newenvironment, new pattern and new action. The theme accurately and clearlyreflects the characteristics of the times of China's machine tool industrydevelopment and industrial market, and it reflects the background of CCMT2016.


At present, due to the profound changes inthe market environment and other growth factors, the total domestic demand reducedsignificantly, and the upgrading of demand structure accelerated. The featuresof machine tool market are increasingly prominent. As the largest and the mostfamous machine tool fair in China held this year, CCMT2016 naturally attractsattention.


According to reports, the scale of CCMT2016 wouldreach a new high. It will use N1-N5 and E3-E7, 10 exhibition halls in totalwith its total area being 120 thousand square meters of the Shanghai NewInternational Expo Center. Over 1100 machine tool enterprises from more than 20countries and regions including China, Germany, the United States, Japan,Italy, Switzerland, Britain, South Korea, China Taiwan would join in the event.There are nearly 400 overseas exhibitors accounted for nearly 40% of the totalarea. The machine tool associations and trade promotion organizations from 9countries and regions including Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Italy,South Korea, Spain, Japan, the Czech Republic and Taiwan would join inCCMT2016. Among them Germany, Italy, Spainand Czech Republic are listed for the first time as government-supportproject for CCMT. The degree of internationalization of CCMT is significantlyimproved.


CCMT2016 would have a large number of exhibits,among which many are new exhibits and exquisite ones, covering a wide range ofproducts of metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, non-traditionalmachine tools, flexible manufacturing units, automation production lines,industrial robots, control system and automation components, functionalcomponents, measuring / tooling / fixture, measuring and testing instruments, andaccessories and materials. CCMT has collected the latest manufacturingtechnology of modern machine tool industry. Exhibits category and quantity wouldbe far more than those of each previous Fair.


During the Fair, the organizer will alsocarry out a series of international exchanges and industry activities, mainlyincluding:

2016 International Forum for CEO of Machine ToolIndustry,

Application Forum on Domestic CNC MachineTool & Annual Meeting on Long-term Cooperation Mechanism,

Production Capacity Cooperation &Internationalized Business Forum,

International Machine Tool Information Conference(IMTIC2016),

2015 Annual Top 30 Evaluation Results Conferenceof Machine Tool & Tool Industry,

the Inaugural Meeting of Branch Associationof Dealers of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association,

CNC Machine Tool Special Achievement Show &Functional Components Performance Test Results Conference,

2015 Annual Conference on Selection Resultsof top 10 in the industry,

Announcment of apprasal of Chunyan Awards ofCCMT2016,

Exhibition Information Conference,

and Technology Exchange Seminarsetc..

All of those activities enriched CCMT furthercontributing to enhance the quality of the event.


2016 is the first year of “The 13thFive-Year Plan” and also a key year of acceleration of the transformation andupgrading of the whole industry under pressure. As China's most authoritativeinternational machine tool show CIMT's sister fair, CCMT2016 will aim at theinternational level in three aspects: internationalization, specialization, andinformatization, to constantly improve the service and to continue to build anupgraded version of the CCMT so as to welcome the arrival of friends from allwalks of life!


President Chen Huiren and Deputy SecretaryYang Qing of CCMT organizer - China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’Association, vice president Bian Guorong of co-organizer - ShanghaiInternational Exhibition Co., Ltd., and other leaders attended the meeting andanswered questions from reporters.

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