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CCMT2018 Preparatory Meeting for Domestic Exhibitors Held in Wuxi


The China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2018 (CCMT2018)will be held on April 9-13, 2018 in Shanghai New International Expo Center inPudong, Shanghai. In order to do a better job of taking part in and organizingthe exhibition, CMTBA held CCMT2018 Preparatory Meeting for Domestic Exhibitorson November 21-23, 2017 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China. More than 200people who are responsible for exhibition and publicity from the exhibitors, theattendees come from the organizer, co-organizer, and business partners of theorganizer attended the preparatory meeting.

Theconference consists of two sessions: general meeting and contract signing &consultation. Mr. Mao Yufeng, president of CMTBA; Mr. Wang Liming, SecretaryGeneral of CMTBA; and Mr. Bian Guorong, vice president of the co-organizer - ShanghaiInternational Exhibition Co., Ltd. attended the meeting on the morning of 21. Mr.Wang Liming presided over the meeting and made a concluding speech.

Mr. Wang Liming

Mr.Mao Yufeng made a report entitled "Market and Performance of Machine toolindustry", expounding the main situation in three aspects of "marketand industry situation, the prediction of 2017, and thoughts on the developmentof the industry" and so on. Miss Xie Yun, director of exhibitiondepartment of CMTBA, introduced the overall preparation and organization workof CCMT2018. Mr. Bian Guorong, on behalf of the co-organizer, introduced thecoordinative organization work for the event. The representative of the officialfreight forwarder, Ms. Dong Jie, Assistant General Manager of Shanghai ExpotransLimited introduced exhibit transportation, matters concerning spot operationand service assurance. The representative of the official booth constructor, Ms.Lu Yang, deputy general manager of Shanghai Arts & Sales Expo Ltd.,introduced raw space construction, water & electricity supply and otherrelated matters and service.

Mr. Mao Yufeng

Mr.Bian Guorong

Ms.Xie Yun

Ms.Dong Jie

Ms.Lu Yang


Analysis and Thinking on Current Market

Inthe report, Mr. Mao Yufeng analyzed China’s current overall economic situation,market environment of manufacturing industry, and the consumer market ofmachine tool & tool. For the current market consumption and industryperformance, Mr. Mao Yufeng presented four major features. (1) The overalltrend is still “decline in total consumer demand, upgrade of consumer demand structure.(2) In the domestic market, the transition of old and new momentum willcontinue, the market demand will fluctuate. (3) The upgrading of consumerdemand has urged the products, with the technical characteristics of highefficiency, high precision, intelligence, information technology, energy savingand environmental protection, to take up more market shares. (4) As thedifferentiation of performance in the industry continues, the enterprise, whoadapt to the changes in market demand, understand market segmentation and user,and provide comprehensive solution, are taking dominant positions.

Mr.Mao Yufeng said, taking into account the economic environment and theuncertainty of market demand in the second half, predict that the machine toolconsumption is expected a slight year-on-year growth or a flat state in 2017;the performance of the industry and its exports will stabilize and rebound; andthe imports will grow significantly.

Forthe direction of industry development, Mr. Mao Yufeng offered some reflections.Digital manufacturing technology will be gradually realized in the futuremanufacturing system. Comprehensive integration of the technologies, such as informationtechnology, the Internet, mobile Internet, and industry will promote the fullupgrade of enterprise operation mode. Intelligent manufacturing will become anindispensable tool for the world's sustainable development. As the transitionto intelligent manufacturing will be a protracted war, we need to see thistrend with wide field of vision in a long period. The direction of corporaterestructuring will be centered on the user to meet the diversified consumerdemand, provide complete solutions, construct and form sustainable developmentof the enterprise operation system and core competitiveness.


Preparation and Organization of CCMT2018

CCMT2018uses 10 indoor exhibition halls, Hall N1-N5 and W1-W5, of the Shanghai NewInternational Expo Center. The exhibition area reaches 120 thousand square meters;it is expected to attract about 1200 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions.The theme of the exhibition is "Focus on - Digitalization, Interconnectionand Intelligent Manufacturing".

Itis reported that almost all the domestic key machine tool enterprises havesigned up for CCMT2018. 153 companies applied for more than 100 square meters,of which 9 corporations asked for more than 500 square meters. Respectively theyare: BYJC, JIER, JINGDIAO, NINGBO HAITIAN, QUICKESTLASER, YONGHUA, KEDE CNC,Beijing FANUC, and Shanghai FANUC. 23 incorporates require 300-500 squaremeters, such as QCMT&T, WZ, HAN’s LASER, YAWEI, CME, DNE, BODOR and so on.The satisfaction rate of domestic exhibition area is about 78%.

Accordingto incomplete statistics, more than 400 overseas machine tool manufacturersenrolled in the exhibition. The machine tool associations and the organizationsfor the promotion of international trade of 10 countries and regions, such as Germany,the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Korea, Spain, Japan, Czech, France and ChinaTaiwan, organized their national Pavilions, of which France pavilion will makea stage pose at CCMT for the first time. The world famous enterprises, such asDMG MORI, YAMAZAKI MAZAK, OKUMA, MAKINO, FAIR FRIEND, DOOSAN, STARRAG, KUKA,ABB, SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN, MITSUBISHI, SCHUNK, THK, HIWIN, ZEISS, ISCAR, etc. have appliedto join the show.

Accordingto reports, the overall layout of CCMT2018 has the following characteristics.(1) The overall layout is optimized so it is more conducive to visit. (2) Thedegree of internationalization is improved with overseas exhibitors reaching40% in the aspect of exhibition area. (3) The professional layout is furtherstrengthened for professional visitors and buyers to choose and purchase equipmentconveniently.

Theprinciples of domestic layouts are as follows. (1) Maximally categorizing andprofessionally arranging exhibits. (2) Favoring intelligent manufacturing,robotics & automation, laser processing, additive manufacturing and other emergingtechnologies. (3) Attaching importance to allocation of booth and prioritizing newones, refined ones, and ones that reflects the structural adjustment ortransformation upgrade; (4) Adhering to the expert review system for newlyparticipating enterprises to sift out qualified exhibitors from the perspectiveof exhibits.


Supporting Activities, Publicity andPromotion of CCMT2018

Aroundthe theme "Focus on - Digitalization, Interconnection and Intelligent Manufacturing",a number of supporting activities will be held at the exhibition, such as InternationalCEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry 2018, Special Achievements andApplication of CNC Machine Tools, Application Symposium on Domestic CNC machinetool, "Spring Swallow Award" Appraisal and Awarding, Top 10 EnterprisesCommendation, Coordinating Meeting of Asian Machine Tool Associations, Forum onCapacity Cooperation and Internationalized Business Management, University Pavilion,Evaluation Conference on Rolling Functional Components, Outstanding IndustryEnterprise Commendation, Opening Ceremony, Customer Reception, Technical ExchangeSeminars and other supporting activities. Under the new background, the newconnotation different from the previous will be injected into these traditionalactivities held every time.

CMTBAas the organizer of CIMT and CCMT has always attached great importance to thepublicity, promotion and organization of domestic and overseas professional visitors.CMTBA not only cooperate with the well-known domestic and overseas newspapers, authoritativeindustry magazines, websites, WeChat and other new media, outdoor media, subwaymedia and other media, but also give full play to CMTBA’s newspaper China Machine Tool & Tool, magazine World Manufacturing Engineering and Market(WMEM), CMTBA’s official website, CCMT’s official website, CMTBA’s officialWeChat Account and other media, to publish all kinds of advertising informationon exhibitors, exhibits and exhibition services in a timely manner. At the sametime, CMTBA increase the intensity of handing out detailed list of exhibits to usersin the fields of automotive, aerospace, national defense, energy, railway, electricpower, mold and other key industries, and utilize the annual meeting and otherimportant activities and publications to promote CCMT2018. Moreover, CMTBA organizetrade meeting for the key users of machine tool industry and key areas ofmachine tool consumption, and held press conferences at the famousinternational machine tool exhibitions worldwide.

Inparticular, CMTBA’s official WeChat Account (subscription: 中国机床工具工业协会cmtba)menu will add a new page of "Exhibitors & Exhibits” for CCMT2018. Exhibitorsand visitors can access and browse Exhibitors & Exhibits information andother related information very quickly on mobile phones and other mobileterminals.


Better Service and Exhibition

Fora better exhibition and environment, CMTBA cooperate with the expo center andthe business partners, service providers, etc., and strive to improve andstandardize services. The main measures are as follows. Regulate staff behaviorof the organizer, the co-organizer and the business partners and serviceproviders. Increase food supply locations and volume, and improve food quality.Strengthen the security services. Adopt more convenient visitor registration method(via CCMT website and WeChat) and ticket/pass distribution method. Optimizetraffic organization, so that the visitors can reach the venue rapidly. Addmore road signs and public facilities to provide comfortable service forexhibitors and visitors.

Atthe same time, CMTBA recommend exhibitors to improve their exhibit standards.(1) Carefully select refined products without any intellectual propertydisputes. (2) Utilize the platform of CMTBA and the exhibition and valuesupporting activities as well as media publicity to enhance the effect of theirexhibitions. (3) Familiarize with the exhibition documents to comply with theprovisions of the exhibition so as to join the exhibition in an orderly manner.(4) Sharpen safety consciousness and nip any danger in the bud.

CIMT2019organized by CMTBA and overseas exhibition projects in 2018-2019 wereintroduced at the meeting

Fromthe afternoon of 21 to the morning of 23, exhibitor contract signing andvarious service consulting were carried out during the preparatory meeting.


(Formore details, please stay tuned to the follow-up reports)



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