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News Release at CCMT2018 Press Conference



Dear Guests, Journalist, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning!

China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2018 (CCMT2018),hosted by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders Association (CMTBA), and jointly held by Shanghai International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.(SIEC),will take place on April 9-13,2018 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. CCMT2018, as the largest and most well-known machine tool exhibition in China,will once again put up a dazzling grand stage to meet domestic and overseas guests from the machine tool industry and many user industries.


First of all, on behalf of CMTBA-the organizer andSIEC-the co-organizer,please allow me to extend the warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to our guestsand friends from the press circle at todays CCMT2018 press conference.


Since its founding in 2000,nine sessions of CCMT have been successfully held in Shanghai. As the sisterexhibition of China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT), along with the progress and development ofthe machine tool industry and the continuous upgrade of the demand ofexhibitors and visitors,CCMT has been improving its professionalism, informatization and service. With theattraction of the Chinese market and good organization of the exhibition,CCMT has attracted an increasing figure of international exhibitors session bysession.


The theme of CCMT2018 is "Focus on --Digitalization•Interconnection•Intelligent Manufacturing". The themereflects the current characteristics of the machine tool industry and itsmarket in an accurate and vivid way. It responds to the latest changes in the machinetool consumption market at home and abroad, and reflects the thinking of the domesticand overseas machine tool industry on the future development direction. Withthis theme,CCMT2018 will give you the industry's latest digital manufacturing,information interconnection solutions, and intelligent manufacturing systems.


At present, with the development of the new industrialrevolution led by information interconnection worldwide, manufacturing industry is experiencing theevolution from automation and digitalized to collaborative and intelligent, andis bringing profound changes to the global machine tool industry. In thetypical development strategies of integration of industrialization andinformatization,such as the Industrial Internet advocated by the United States,Industrial 4.0 proposed by Germany, and Made in China 2025. With thedevelopment trends and key points always about intelligent manufacturing. Inthe active exploration and practice in the worlds machine tool industry, thepath to the realization of intelligent manufacturing is becoming increasinglyclear,namely, theconstruction of digital assets on the basis of high performance products so asto achieve information interconnection & interworking and enhance theintelligence in manufacturing.


Today, the machine tool industry is focusing onthe key directions of digitalization (real and virtual), automation, IoT & interconnection, bigdata,etc.. The ultimate goal is to achieve intelligent manufacturing. Focusing ondigitalization, interconnectionand intelligent manufacturing are not only the latest trend of China's marketdemand, butalso the development direction of the international machine tool industry.CCMT2018 will focus on the latest applications in this area and provide a rareopportunity for you to communicate with the experts.


In today's news conference, wewill introduce the following topics: exhibitors and exhibits,international cooperation and supporting activities during the exhibition, andexhibition service.


1.   Introduction toExhibitors, Exhibition and Exhibits

Up to now, a total of 1200 manufacturers from 23countries and regions,such as China,Germany, theUnited States,Japan,Italy,Switzerland, theUnited Kingdoms,Korea, andTaiwan,have registered for CCMT2018,including more than 500 overseas exhibitors accounting for 40% of the totalexhibition area. With the area,nearly 5% larger than the last CCMT, the proportion of international exhibitorsarea again maintained the growth trend. Machine tool associations and tradepromotion agencies of 10 countries and regions, such as the United States,Germany,Switzerland,Italy,Korea,Spain,Japan,Czech,France and Taiwan,will organize official pavilions. It is worth mention this is the first Frenchnational delegation to CCMT.


CCMT2018 will use 10 indoor halls of N1-N5and W1-W5 in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with a total area of 120,000square meters. The overseas halls are N1, N4 and W3, whereas domestic ones are N2, W1, W2, W4, andW5. N3 and N5 are mixed halls of domestic and overseas exhibitors.


In CCMT2018, we will arrange more product pavilions.All domestic exhibition halls are classified accordingly. Moreover, wemix domestic and overseas exhibits, such as industrial robots & automationequipment,forming & laser processing machine, tool & fixture, etc., into their respective product pavilion forthe convenience of trade visitors and buyers.


A great many exhibits will be displayed,including new and refined products, covering metal cutting machine tools,metal forming machine tools,special purpose machine tools,flexible manufacturing cell,automatic production line,industrial robot,control system & automation components, functional components,measuring,cutting tool & fixture,testing instruments,accessories & materials, andother products.


Based on the exhibits information submittedby the exhibitors, wehave summed up four highlights of the exhibits.


Highlight one: Digitalization, intercommunication and interworking --propel the transformation of manufacturing mode

Digitized manufacturing is the inevitablechoice for the future global manufacturing industry. The transformation ofmanufacturing mode urgently needs the support of new solutions,technologies and products. CNC machine tools will also make use of this in thenew industrial revolution, andcontinue to be an important factor leading the future manufacturing. In thisexhibition, wecan continue our visit and learning of the professional and famous digitizedmanufacturing solutions,such as Siemens PLM Software,MAZAKs SPS,OKUMA's Okuma Smart Factory,MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC 's "e-F@ctory" FA integration solutions,GF's WSM workshop management solutions. At the same time, wecan also see a number of new digital solutions, especially the debut of domestic programs,showing the initial achievements and strong development momentum under thestrategy of "made in China 2025".


Highlight two: integration -- function, efficiency

With the integration of technology,process,machine tool structure,function and working mode according to a certain goal, manufacturers can yield high performanceand high efficiency products. This is not only a trend of technologicalinnovation, butalso an inevitable demand in market development. With the development oftechnology and market, theconnotation of integration has been extended and deepened. In CCMT2018, Thenumerous compound machine tools and machining cell, production line, multi-spindle machine tools,automatic line machine and other exhibits from many angles will manifest thelatest achievements of the ideas of integration, and bring more new choices for ourcustomers.


Highlight three: Intelligent technology --Human Computer Interaction, provide excellent working support

Modern computer and information technologyhave promoted the rapid development of intelligent technology. Intelligenttechnology has become a symbol of high-end products. CCMT2018 is a grandgathering of intelligent technology, multiple forms of intelligent technologybased software and functions have penetrated the process development,programming,simulation & examination,setting and operation,control and inspection,maintenance and various other elements, providing strong supports formanufacturing. These are the most attractive characteristics of modern machinetools.


Highlight four: Special-purpose equipment-- tailored with ingenuity

The machine tool is the most personalizedproduct. In CCMT2018, avariety of special-purpose equipment, tailored with ingenuity,have amazing characteristics such as Multiple models, wide range, technical expertise,close to the market etc.. The machine tool manufacturers have closer connectionwith the market and users in special-purpose machine tools. CCMT2018 provides avery rare opportunity for customers who need high efficiency and highperformance special equipment.


2.   International Cooperation and Supporting Activities during the Exhibition

2.1. International CEO Forum of Machine ToolManufacturing Industry 2018

CMTBA will hold the InternationalCEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry 2018" on Sunday,April 8,2018,namely, theday before the opening of CCMT2018, in Jumeirah Himalaya Hotel,Pudong,Shanghai. The theme of the forum is "Focus on- Digitalization•Interconnection•Intelligent Manufacturing". The theme responds to thelatest changes in the consumer market of machine tools at home and abroad, andreveals the thinking of the domestic and overseas machine tool industry on thefuture development direction. On the forum, the organizers will invite leaders ofglobal industry organizations,CEOs and CTOs (chieftechnology officer) ofwell-known enterprises to give speeches, and we will also invite more than 100guests,including senior executives and technology executives in the global machinetool industry,user representatives,experts and scholars, andmedia representatives, tothe forum.


2.2. Symposium on the Application of Domestic CNC Machine Tools and the Annual Meeting of Long Term Cooperation Mechanism

On 9-10 April, the Symposium on the Application ofDomestic CNC Machine Tools and the Annual Meeting of Long Term CooperationMechanism will be held in Shanghai in 2018. The conference was commissioned byNational Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and InformationTechnology of the PeoplesRepublic of China, andState Administration of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defense, PRC to CMTBA and China Association forPeaceful Use of Military Industrial Technology.


The conference will cover the currentsituation and related supporting policy, the development and the demand of theindustry, therelease of recommended list of domestic high-end CNC machine tools,special achievements of CNC machine tools, and the guide for the demand of CNC machinetool. The conference will further sort out and detail the evaluation criteriaon the application of CNC machine tool, and promote in depth communication betweensupply side and demand side,based on the data and information gathered through visiting machine toolexhibitions and CNC machine tool exhibitions, and studying the latest development of CNCmachine tool industry at home and abroad. There will be more than 80 defenseindustry enterprises and more than 50 machine tool manufacturers to participatein the meeting.


2.3. Forum on International Business

On April 11th, CMTBA will organize    Forum on International Business. We will explore the way to breakthrough geographical restrictions and deepen international cooperation in theglobal economic downturn, anddiscuss how the government and intermediary organizations provide support forthe convenience of international operation of enterprises. For this reason, wewill invite leaders of the Ministry of Commerce responsible for the overseasinvestment and foreign trade management to introduce the macro environment andrelated policies. We will also invite overseas institutions to introduceinvestment projects.


2.4. CNC Machine Tool Special Achievements Exhibition and News Release on the Evaluation Result of Performance of Functional Component

During CCMT2018, CMTBA will continue to undertake CNCMachine Tool Special Achievements Exhibition commissioned by Ministry ofIndustry and Information Technology. The exhibition is at W5-A311 in ShanghaiNew International Expo Center. The exhibition area is about 160 square meters.This special exhibition will not only introduce the achievements in thetechnological progress and new product development since the implementation ofthe Special Achievements Exhibition but also show the five axis machine toolsand numerical control system,etc. in the special exhibition area.


In addition, News Release on the Evaluation Result ofPerformance of Functional Component will be held in the afternoon of theopening day (April9,2018).The press conference was organized by the Ministry of industry and informationtechnology and co-organized by CMTBA. In the conference, it will report the evaluation result ofperformance and reliability of products conducted by the Key Laboratory oftesting functional component of CNC machine tool and reliability technology. Itwill also release the result of performance testing of rolling functionalcomponents.


2.5. Release of the Evaluation Result of Top 10 Advanced Enterprises of CMTBA

The Evaluation Result of Top 10 AdvancedEnterprises has strong credibility. It has a positive role in promoting thetechnological innovation,improving the quality and reliability of products in the machine tool industry, andbuilding the brand products of China's machine tool. In 2017, theevaluation of "Top 10 of Independent Innovation" and Top10 of Product Quality " in the machine tool industry was officiallylaunched in early September. After several assessment procedures of enterprisereporting,basic condition review,on-site user survey and verification, expert evaluation, and media publicity, theresults will be announced in the awarding ceremony in Entrance Hall 1 in theafternoon of April 9,2018.


2.6. Appraisal of the Spring Swallow Award

As a traditional award founded in 1988, SpringSwallowAward played a positive role in promoting development and innovation ofproducts and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. For rewardingthe development and innovation of the products, the association will continue to carry outAppraisal of the SpringSwallowAward during CCMT2018.


SpringSwallowAward adheres to the principle of fairness and justice. All members of CMTBAmay participate in the award. The products presented must be domestic brandones, andshould be recently developed independent innovation products,with remarkable innovation achievements. They should be as advanced asinternational similar products or leading domestic similar products,mostly homemade,stable,reliable, practical,with good market prospects, andbeautiful appearance, andbe capable of meeting the needs of national economy and national defenseconstruction, aswell as with large potential in substitution for imported products and goodeconomic and social benefits.


During the exhibition,CMTBA will organize experts to review the exhibits, and the ceremony will be held in entrancehall 1 in the afternoon of April 9, 2018. The list of enterprises and productswill be published, andthe medal and certificate of honor will be awarded.


2.7. Setting up Educational Institution Showcase --promoting the communication and cooperation in IAR (Industry-Academia-Research)

In order to put scientific andtechnological achievements into practice and enhance communication andcooperation between educational institutions, research institutes and enterprises,CMTBA will continue to set up the area after it was launched in CIMT2015,CCMT2016 and CIMT2017. The area is 100 square meters, located at N5-B402 in Shanghai New InternationalExpo Center.


The six educational institutions alreadysigned up are Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology,Dalian Polytechnic University,HeFei University of Technology,Nanjing Tech University.


At the Educational Institution Showcase, the2018 modern processing video contest will be held to promote the enthusiasm ofcollege students in mechanic processing majors to put the theory into practice, andto show the enterprising spirit of contemporary young students.


2.8. Activities on Technical Exchange

During the exhibition,CMTBA will continue to build a technical exchange platform to assist theexhibitors to hold lectures on technical exchanges. It is expected that morethan 30 technical exchanges will be held.


3.   ExhibitionService

3.1. Information Service

CCMT2018s informatization is up on a new step.During the exhibition,CMTBA will for the first time set up a WeChat website of exhibitor and exhibiton our WeChat official account. It has six parts including highlights,exhibitorscatalogue,exhibits,exhibition hall layout,etc.. Visitors can find exhibits anytime and anywhere by product classification, andfind exhibitors by exhibition halls, booth numbers, countries and regions, andexhibitor names.


In addition, in CCMT2018, it further increases the circulation ofelectronic version of "Official Catalogue", and will be distributed in CDs atinformation desk in the expo center, for the convenience of information search,easy carrying and storage.


3.2. Media Service

We have a "Press Center" in roomB1 on the first floor of Pavilion N2. In the press center, itwill set up necessary hardware and equipment such as Internet and fax, andprovide the latest information to facilitate the publicity and reporting by ourmedia friends.


3.3. Public Security, Firefighting and Safety Supervision

In order to assure public security and firesafety,organizer and co-organizer, inthe supervision and guidance of the Shanghai municipal public security,fire protection,safety supervision departments,will arrange the construction of exhibition, exhibit move-in and move-out according tothe relevant provisions.


3.4. Visitor Registration and Traffic

In order to facilitate the registration ofvisitors, theorganizer and co-organizer have a visitor registration counter in entrancehalls 1, 2and 3. It is convenient for the visitors to obtain badges. The visitors canpre-register for the show on the official website of CCMT and the officialWeChat of CMTBA, andreceive the visitor badges at the manual counter or the intelligentself-service machine. The pre-registered visitors can obtain badges by the SMSauthentication code, theQR code, thebar code, orthe cellphone number. Visitors who didnt pre-register can fill a form onsite,scan ID, orname card on self-service machine. This exhibition provides a variety ofself-service accesses to obtaining the badge, which greatly facilitates the process andimproved efficiency for visitors. At the same time, we will strengthen the trafficorganization for CCMT, setup a shuttle bus station at the Longyang Road subway station, andincrease touring electromobiles in the Expo Center, so that the visitor can reach the targetexhibition hall quickly.


3.5. Catering and Living Service

We will set up more catering outlets inShanghai New International Expo Center to provide you with convenient diningservices. We will set up water stations near hall N3 and hall W3, andvisitors can get bottled mineral water free.


Distinguished guests,friends of the press circle: Since its founding, CCMT, experienced wind and rain with CMTBA. Itgradually grew and has now entered the influential professional machine toolexhibition ranks, andbecome an important exhibition in China for the global machine tool industry."Made in China 2025" has defined the long-term strategic layout ofChina's manufacturing industry, andranked the high-end CNC machine tools as one of the key areas of development.It is also a good prospect for the future of CNC machine tool industry.


In 2017, the central economic working conferenceheld that China's economic development has entered a new era. The basic featureis that China's economy has shifted from high-speed growth to high qualitydevelopment.  Currently, thedeepening supply side structural reform has promoted the transformation processfrom a manufacturing country of quantity to one of quality, andhas also created a better external environment for the transformation andupgrading of the machine tool industry. For the machine tool industry enterprises, wemust transform our concepts,adapt to the new changes of consumption demand in the new era,innovate technology and business mode with the times, so as to provide higher quality productsand services.


As the organizer, with the support and cooperation ofexhibitors and media, wewill aim at the international first-class exhibitions, continuously expand the exhibitionfunction, andimprove our service to provide high quality service for exhibitors and visitors, andwill eventually bring CCMT into the world-renowned machine tool industry event.


We warmly welcome our journalist friends toactively publicize,interview and report CCMT2018. I wish you all good health and smooth work!


CCMT2020 will be held on April 7-11, 2020,at Shanghai New International Expo Center, all of you are welcome.


Wish China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2018 (CCMT2018)great success.



ChinaMachine Tool & Tool Builders Association

March 2018

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