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OnApril 8, 2018, in a bright spring day in Shanghai, a feast of CEOs in theglobal machine tool industry was staged in Pudong. The magnates from theworld’s industry gathered in the "International CEO Forum of Machine ToolManufacturing Industry 2018", which paved the road for the opening of thewell prepared and widely anticipated China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2018 (CCMT2018).

InternationalCEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry 2018, organized by CMTBA, is aplatform for CEOs in the global machine tool industry. As an importantsupporting activity of CIMT and CCMT, the CEO forum is held on the day before theopening of each CIMT and CCMT. Through the meticulous organization of theorganizer and various cooperation agencies, and the enthusiastic participationof exhibitors and visitors, the CEO Forum has enjoyed a great deal of highreputation and brand awareness in the industry. This forum has attracted moreheads of machine tool associations and well-known enterprises both at home andabroad. Mr. Wu Bailin, the former president of CMTBA, Mr. Wang Xu, chairman ofthe current board of supervisors, chairman of the Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Co.,Ltd, and Mr. Guo Changcheng, the current vice president of CMTBA, Mr. DouglasWood, President of AMT, and Mr. Li Xingbin, general manager of AMT AsiaPacific, are participate in the forum.

Thepresident of CMTBA, Mr. Mao Yufeng, said in a speech at the forum that theforum opened during a new opportunity for the development of the industry. Inthe 19th national congress in 2017, president Xi Jinping put forwardin his report that the construction of a modern economic system must base onthe development of the real economy and improvement on the quality of thesupply system as the main direction to greatly enhance the economic quality ofour country. At the same time, it is pointed out that we should speed up “theconstruction of manufacturing power”, accelerate the development of advancedmanufacturing industry, promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data,artificial intelligence and the real economy, and cultivate new growth pointsand new kinetic energy in the fields of mid and high end consumption,innovation, environment protection and other fields. Mr. Mao Yufeng also saidthat as the sponsor, CMTBA has been promoting the industry development as itsown task since its establishment, serving the industry wholeheartedly for itspurpose, in order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.with such a mission, this CEO forum makes us meet in the spring in the seasonof planting hope, let us jointly work together to achieve the good vision ofthe development of machine tool industry!

Thisforum is hosted by Mr. Wang Liming, vice president of CMTBA. In the context ofthe development of intelligent manufacturing, Mr. Wang Liming pointed out that,under the driving force of new technology, the manufacturing industry isundergoing profound changes, mainly to the direction of digitalization,networking, human-friendly and environment-friendly development. Thedevelopment direction is the consensus of the major industrial countries. Everycountry set up the development strategy & plan of manufacturing industry.

Thetheme of this forum is the same as the theme of CCMT2018, which is "Focus onDigitalization, Interconnection, Intelligent Manufacturing". It isreported that the forum invited the heads, technical directors, senior experts ofmachine tools of China, the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries,and CEO from well-known enterprises to make a speech. They expounded theirviews on intelligent manufacturing, digitalization and machine toolinterconnections, and introduced relevant research progress and practicalresults. It also outlines the effective connection between Made in China 2025and the related technology.

Inorder to ensure a strong team of leaders, the organizers also attach greatimportance to the invitation of the visitors in order to achieve good resultsin the forum. The forum has invited more than 150 senior managers and technicalexecutives, user representatives, some experts and scholars, mediarepresentatives to participate in the forum activities, but the actual participationof more than 200 people, so that you cant find an empty seat in the venue, anda lot of seats are added temporarily. Delegates have expressed fruitful resultsand benefited greatly. Unlike the previous one, this forum has opened a livestudio and is broadcasted through the network and WeChat, so that those notable to come can see it at the same time.

Thefollowing are brief introductions to the guests and their speeches.

Mr. Long Xingyuan

Guest introduction:On duty rotating chairman of CMTBA, president of Qinchuan machine tool group. Mr.Long Xingyuan holds a bachelor's degree and master's degree in engineering fromXi'an Jiao Tong University. He is an expert with special allowance from theState Council. The following honors or awards have been obtained: 2001 Shaanxi ProvinceLabor Model, 2001 Shaanxi Province New Long March Model, the Second Session ofLeading Figures in the China Industry, 2006 Outstanding Entrepreneur inNational Machinery Industry, 2008 Shaanxi Province Outstanding Tribute Awardfor the Establishment and Development of Listed Company Association, 2010National Labor Model, 2010 Excellent National Entrepreneur. He served as therepresentative of the 17th CPC National Congress, the member of the 12thStanding Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress and therepresentative of the 13th People's Congress of Shaanxi Province.

Topic of speech:Digitalization Helps Machine Tool Industry Continue to Upgrade

Content summary:Mr. Long’s speech involves the main contents of three parts. One is thedevelopment of machine tool industry; Second is the policy support of themachine tool industry in China; Third is a typical case of digitalmanufacturing. After combing and analyzing the basic characteristics and thelatest characteristics of changes in China's machine tool industry, he gave hisjudgement on the general situation of 2018, that is "It is the opportunityperiod, but the risk is greater". Mr. Long Xingyuan introduced theexploration, attempt and effectiveness of Qinchuan machine tool group in thefield of digital manufacturing with a large number of detailed cases.

Mr. Tim Shinbara

Guest introduction:Vice President of AMT, executive director of MTConnect Research Institute. Mr.Tim Shinbara is responsible for R & D, setting standards and investigatingmanufacturing technology trends and needs. He is the industry liaison person ofAMT Technology Issues Committee. Tim has worked at the Executive Committee ofthe America Makes and the Digital Manufacturing and Design InnovationInstitute, DMDII, both of which are members of the national manufacturinginnovation network of the United States. The national manufacturing network ofthe United States is now also known as the "Manufacturing USA". Timhas 16 years of experience in the field of advanced manufacturing technologyresearch and development, including the field of integration of informationtechnology & operational technology and the working experience of high-techstart-ups.

Topic of speech: EnablesConnection & Interoperability

Content summary:Mr. Shinbara's speech focuses on MTConnect, introduces its functions andfeatures, and illustrates some MTConnect protocols, such as the relatedspecifications of the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) protocol in practicalcases. Shinbara introduced that MTConnect is the basic module of the industrialInternet of things. At the same time, it shows that the concept of industrialInternet of things is included in Made in China 2025, Industrial 4.0,Intelligent Manufacturing and other advanced technology innovation strategiesin the world. The role of MTConnect in future development is also discussed.

Ms. ClaudiaTovaglieri

Guest introduction:marketing officer of UCIMU. Ms. Claudia Tovaglieri won a master's degree inbusiness management from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore MILANO, and iscurrently a marketing officer for UCIMU Asian affairs.

Topic of speech:Italy Industrial 4.0 Meets Made in China 2025

Content summary:the functions and main work of UCIMU are briefly introduced, and the performanceof Italy machine tool industry in 2017 is briefly described. When it comes tothe relationship between Italy machine tool industry and the Chinese market,she especially mentioned the bilateral cooperation memorandum of understanding signedbetween UCIMU and CMTBA. Ms. Claudia introduced the outline of the Italynational industrial 4.0, described the Italy model which was close to thecustomer's needs, and finally introduced how the Italy industrial 4.0 meetsMade in China 2025, and expressed the willingness of the Italy machine toolenterprises to serve the Chinese market with high flexibility and customization.

Mr. He Minjia

Guest introduction:Rotating Chairman of CMTBA, president and general manager of Guangzhou CNCEquipment Co., Ltd. He is director of the national enterprise technologycenter, director of the National Standardization Committee of machine tool CNCsystem and vice director of China robot industry alliance. Mr. He Minjiadevoted himself to the research and practice of the development of machine toolCNC system industry. After more than 20 years of training, with the vision ofstrategic thinking, based on the development of domestic numerical controlmarket, he has undertaken a number of national science and technology major and863 science and technology projects, leading technical personnel to develop andproduce GSK series of machine tool CNC system, multi variety series ofindustrial robot and AE series of all-electric injection molding machine,Guangzhou CNC has become a high-tech numerical control industrial base.

Topic of speech: Precision& “Bonus of Technology” - Environmental Protection

Content summary:over the years, China has become the largest consumer of machine tools, and hasbecome the largest importer of machine tools. The machine is the basicmanufacturing machine. Users need the excellent stability and retentiveaccuracy. Therefore, we need to think deeply about accuracy retention. With thefour great inventions of ancient China and the superb artistry of our ancestorsin tea, pottery and silk, he extended the importance and profound influence oftechnology and craftsmanship.

Backto reality, back to the machine tool industry, Mr. He Minjia stressed that weare going to enter the age of intelligent manufacturing. There are manypropositions that we should think about, such as how to find the technologicalbonus from the technical skills mastered by the workers, and how to make up alesson on the performance stability of the machine tool. We should developgroup standards to promote the overall development of the industry. For the newfuture of machine tools, Mr. He Minjia proposed that enterprises should reducethe environmental pressure of machine tool scrap by making better and moreexquisite machine tools to promote the overall upgrade and sustainabledevelopment of the industry.

Alexander Broos博士

Guest introduction:director of R&D and technology of VDW. As the R & D and technologydirector of VDW, Dr. Broos is responsible for all business related to machinetools, such as policy making, standardization, and other relevant issues thatrequire a consensus in the German machine tool industry. The areas involvesenvironmental issues (energy efficiency, noise, solid waste and wastewatertreatment, EMC, etc.), mechanical safety issues (especially machine tools),patent supervision, export control, digitalization (Industry 4.0) and so on. Inaddition, Dr. Broos is also the general manager of Cooperative ResearchInstitute of machine tool and manufacturing technology, that is the VDWResearch Institute. There, the organization member enterprises cooperate withresearch institutions to apply scientific research results directly to machinetools or related systems, and expand scientific research fields.

Topic of speech: A CommonLanguage for Machine Tools- VDW's Initiative "Connectivity for Industry4.0"

Content summary:digital and network construction are the basis of the industrial Internet ofthings, that is, industrial 4.0, and its basic requirement is to connect theequipment to the open general interface of the network and other IT systems.For machine tools, there are a wide variety of CNC devices, including PLC(programmable logic controller), HMI (man-machine interface), and other sourcesthat require data transmission to cloud infrastructure to create highvalue-added services. VDW has a number of top - level high-end machine toolsand manufacturing systems in the world. With the joint efforts of the membersof the association, the manufacturer's exclusive standard for the replacementof machine tools and corresponding controller equipment by the generalinterface design based on the parameters in the OPC UA. Dr. Broos's speechcovered the basic work and progress of the work.

Mr. Tomonari Tsuji

Guest introduction:Mr. Tomonari Tsuji, an expert in the technology department of Japan MachineTool Builders Association (JMTBA), entered the market department of JMTBA in1995 and became a technical expert in 2015.

Topic of speech: ThePath of Japan Intelligent Manufacturing

Content summary:the Japanese government has introduced a series of policies to promote thedevelopment of industrial interconnection. Mainly: (1) the realization of thenew digital society to reach the cooperative work of human and system; (2)solve the problem through coordination and cooperation; (3) human resourcesshould be synchronized with the digital technology. This paper introduces theJapanese Industrial interconnection framework, the effort in the manufacturingindustry, the program proposed by JMTBA, and the efforts made by the memberenterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing of JMTBA. It shows thatJapanese enterprises have made many attempts in interoperability andintelligent manufacturing. Some practical results have been achieved, andrelated technologies are relatively mature.


Thewhole forum is tight and orderly, and the delegates are always full ofemotions. In the summary of the forum, Mr. Wang Liming said that he believed theviews of the guests will make our ideas more open, and would certainly help usin the future on the exploration and practice of digital, networkedmanufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. Finally, Mr. Wang Liming, vicepresident of CMTBA, invited guests to come to CCMT2018, which will open onApril 9, to open wider scope of interaction and communication.



Source: CMTBA

Author:Zhang Fangli

Photography:Ye Han

Approved:Wang Liming

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