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Messages from Chairmen and President

of CMTBA for the Openingof CCMT2018


New Supply for New Demand   New Growth Engine for New Development

Chairman of China Machine Tool& Tool Builders’ Association

Party Secretary and Chairman ofQinchuan Machine Tool & Tool Group Corp.  

Mr. Long Xingyuan

On the occasion of CCMT2018, I am herein, on behalf of China Machine Tool& Tool Builders’ Association and Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool GroupCorp., to express the most sincere congratulations on this event!

In the past year of 2017, China economy has maintained a stableperformance with good momentum for growth. The structural adjustment has beencontinuously deepened and the motivation transformation has continued toincrease. Domestic machine tool and tool industry showed bottom stabilization.Machine tool and tool products consumer market presented restorative growth.The short-term industrial consumables increased obviously, but metal cuttingmachine tools, which are related with long-term investment have been weakening.The structural adjustment and differentiation of the market is becoming moreand more prominent. In particular, the high-end machine tools are still unableto meet the high-end users’ demand. Overall innovation and upgrading pressureof the industry still exists.

With the gradual deepening of the concept of high-quality developmentafter the 19th CPC National Congress, the machine tool industry isexpected to show a mild recovery in 2018. But it can be predicted that, newmarket growth will not be largely appear compared with 2017. At the same time,we have to realize that traditional development model, which depends on scaleexpansion only, is unsustainable. Development must return to the rational andcommon sense, to the principle of efficiency and beneficial result first.Asking benefit from management and stock, rely on own innovative research anddevelopment strength, follow with the law of industry development, to realizeenterprise's sustainable development with high quality.

This exhibition puts forward the theme of “Focus on -Digitalization·Interconnection·Intelligent Manufacturing”, in response to the latest demand of machine tool consumption market athome and abroad. Face with the new round of industrial revolution which core isintelligent manufacturing, digitalization, networking and intelligent ofmanufacturing will become the commanding heights, breakthrough point and maindirection of "Made in China 2025". The future pattern of industrywill realize a fundamental change from the product center to the customercenter, then completes the supply side of the deep structural reforms.

Let us seize the opportunity of the 19th CPC NationalCongress, with the aid of CCMT2018, strengthen exchanges, forge ahead and fighttogether before the opportunity for a new round of global industrialrevolution, to offer new supply to new demand, gather new growth engine for newdevelopment, make efforts to create a new situation of the China machine tooland tool industry prosperity!



Establishing International 'Innovation Business Card'

Rotating Chairman of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association

 JIERMachine-Tool Group Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang Zhigang

In April, the most beautiful season of the year,spring is here with flowers and with our spirit, CCMT 2018 opening ceremony is now held inShanghai, thepearl of the orient. On behalf of JIER Group please allow me to express mywarmhearted congratulations!

CCMT has been held for nine sessions consecutively andsuccessfully, andbecome a global specialized show, gaining trust from international show business andcustomers for its good organizing capability. Guided by socialism of Xi JinpingNew Era, Chinamachine tool industry enters a new period with new challenges. 19thCPC National Congress raised that international first class enterprises are tobe developed with 'quality first and efficiency as a top priority'.Governmental Report this year points out digital economy,internet plus,intelligent manufacture in many places. This CCMT theme is ‘Focus on -Digitalization·Interconnection·Intelligent Manufacturing’, itis the trend of current global industry change and also the opportunity andchallenge we face. It is an aggressive act against upgrading demand,hotter competition,surplus domestic production capacity and high import on the background of 4thindustry revolution characterized with integration of informatization andindustrialization, andalso an act to upgrade and transform equipment manufacture. 

Machine tool industry should keep pace with the time,renovate mindset, aimat the right target,keep quality development, quicken the steps of upgrading and transforming from oldto new energy. On the way of elaborating on Made-in-China,strengthening quality Made-in-China and elevating intelligent Made-in-China, weneed push forcefully technical innovation, focus on developing 'original make'products with high added value and pushing up Made-in-China and service tomedium and high end,establishing international 'innovation business card'.

Innovation is JIER's driving force. With the vision ofintelligent development trend, we are advancing with establishment of state technicalcenter and state key laboratory. We provide overall solutions for our customers,meeting the demand of high end equipment in domestic key industries and statedefense construction; wequicken up the steps of making international JIER brand, our main products are exported in linesand sets to main automobile companies in developed countries in Europe,America and Japan,becoming more influential on global market. JIER maintains growth despitecontinuous slowing down of the industry in general.

On this CCMT, over one thousand enterprises aregathering in Shanghai, highlighting digital manufacture and solutions,intelligent tech,high efficiency and automation and specialization as new looking. Newachievements of transformation of new and old energy are shown. The show willbe a glorious meeting, which we are looking forward to. JIER Machine-Tool camehere with our 5-axis elevated high speed boring and milling machining centermodel XHSV2525×40. It is our latest achievement developed on our own, andcan definitely replace imported product, meeting the high speed all-aroundmachining demand for aluminum alloy complex surface in key industries likeaviation and aerospace. Welcome all of you to JIER stand W5-B101 to have a lookand have a conversation.

Wish CCMT2018 a success!



Embracing New Challenges; Starting the New Journey

Rotating Chairman of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’Association

Board Chairman, Party Secretary of Wuhan Heavy Duty MachineTool Group Corporation

Mr. Du Zhuoyu

When CCMT 2018 is going tocommerce, on behalf of CMTBA and Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool GroupCorporation, here I would like to express my most sincere congratulations tothe opening of this great event and my warmest welcome to peers and friendshome and abroad.

The year 2018 marks thebeginning of China putting into action the guiding principles of 19th CPCNational Congress, and also an important year to continue the implementation ofthe “13th 5-Year-Plan”. In a whole, our manufacturing industry has come to themiddle to late- stage of industrialization. In machine tool industry,differentiation accelerates and structural imbalance becomes more accurate. Themanufacturing industry will comprehensively steer from the stage of rapidgrowth to high quality development. Traditional machine tools will be graduallyreplaced by the latest, full automatic and intelligent equipment, and thedemand for middle and high-end intelligent equipments of high accuracy, highefficiency and high reliability will become the main stream. Such are the newopportunities and challenges faced by the machine tool industry.

“Focus on -Digitalization·Interconnection·Intelligent Manufacturing” is not only the themeof CCMT 2018, but also the key words of our future development. Into the newera, the new industrial revolution and the "Made in China 2025"strategy historically intertwined together. To take the “commanding heights” inthe future, Chinese machine tool industry should focus on IntelligentManufacturing. To embrace new opportunities and start the new journey, weshould accelerate the transition upgrading with no waste of time.

In recent years, WuzhongGroup has thoroughly implemented innovation-driven strategy, developed avariety of digital production line and intelligent equipments such as WTS712digital multi-unit drilling machine for aviation filed, WGZ1280 frog flexiblemanufacturing line for rail transportation, XK95250 aluminum ingot process linefor aluminum ingot processing as well as VTM5925 Five-Axis vertical machiningcenter for gas turbine casing. As one of the national model enterprises ofservice oriented manufacturing, WZ has established large scale high precisionplanar processing digital workshop and “Wuzhong Cloud” integrated platform forhigh-end equipment manufacturing and service. This time we will show ourproduct ZH5480 CNC Gantry Type Milling and Drilling Machine, friends of alltrades are welcome to our booth.

Finally, I wish CCMT2018every success.

Thank you!



Constant Cultivation of Machine Tool Industry

Rotating Chairman of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’Association

Chairman of Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Mr. He Minjia

As the backbone of China’sindustrialization, machine tool is a fundamental as well astechnology-intensive industry, which entails long and intensive cultivation.With industrious efforts, it will be endurable like centurial conifer, stronglike steel! China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2018(CCMT 2018) provides machine toolexperts with another opportunity of deep learning and communication in thisaspect, which makes it a palace of healthy survival and thriving growth.

Supply-side reform putforth by Chinese Central Government indicates the development of machine toolindustry requires intensive cultivation and hilling, extermination of lifelessbranches like planting a tree. To advance machine tool industry, it isnecessary to delve into industrial development rules and learn from developedcountries’ successful experience in boosting machine tool industryfocus on talent training, delicateprocess, lean production, make reliable and endurable products with highquality.

The theme of CCMT2018“Focus on - Digitalization·Interconnection·Intelligent Manufacturing” hashelped to give directions for machine tool development. It is acknowledged thatintelligent manufacturing makes a harsh demand of machine tool industry: itrequires not only products to be endurable, reliable and stable but alsoproduct design and improvement to be in line with new demand of intelligentmanufacturing, which means new products must be put into intelligent andautomated manufacturing mechanism or intelligent assembly line and upstream anddownstream of industrial chain must be interconnected. Moreover, corporatepositioning must be integrated with industrial ecology. Technical team mustrelearn intelligent manufacturing, study users’ need and transform from productfunctions and index design to project design to meet users’ demand!  

The future intelligentmanufacturing cannot flourish without machine tool industry! The development ofmachine tool industry needs massive funds. To raise funds, we can taketechnical advantage and properly develop several small products in large volumeso as to improve machine tool industry. In this way, the ecology in this fieldwill be improved, which will attract more hummingbirds to come and fertilizesthe soil. Eventually, the tree of machine tool will thrive.

Under the Belt and RoadInitiative, new demand brings vigor to machine tool industry. I wish all of usstay committed and forge ahead to build everlasting enterprises!



Rooted in China, CCMT WillGrow Better and Better

President of CMTBA

Mr. Mao Yufeng

China CNC Machine ToolFair 2018 (CCMT2018) hosted by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’Association and jointly held by Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd.,will take place on April 9-13 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Onthis occasion, we cordially invite our domestic and overseas colleagues,customers and friends both old and new to visit our exhibition, to exchangeviews, to discuss about cooperation and to build friendship.

The 19th CPC NationalCongress has given us a new and important judgment on the major socialcontradictions in China. China has entered a new era with new revolution andchanges. The machine tool & tool industry will face new challenges andembrace new opportunities.

The birth and developmentof CCMT are closely linked to the consistent growth of China’s machine tool& tool consumer market and the evolvement of CNC machine tool industry.Nine sessions of CCMT have been successfully held with its scale expandingsession by session. The total area of CCMT2018 has reached 120,000 squaremeters. There will be 1200 domestic and overseas well-known machine tool &tool manufacturers from 23 countries and regions participating in CCMT2018.Both of the total exhibition area and the number of exhibitors have increasedsignificantly, compared with CCMT2016.

China’s economy maintaineda steady growth with its structural adjustment further deepening in 2017.Thanks to its influence, China’s machine tool & tool consumer market showedan apparent restorative growth posture. In 2017, the total consumption of metalworking machine tool was USD29.97 billion, which was a growth of 7.5% with a6.1% increase of growth rate compared with last year. The gross output of metalworking machines was USD24.52 billion, which was a Y-o-Y growth of 5.1%. Thetotal value of export was USD3.29 billion, which was a Y-o-Y growth of 11.4%.The total value of import was USD8.74 billion, which was a Y-o-Y growth of16.3%. To sum up based on the data above, China’s consumer market of metalworking machine tool showed a new characteristic of “total quantity stabilized,structure upgraded”. In future, the consumer market of China’s metal workingmachine tool will keep the mild and steady growth trend.

In 2017, China’sconsumption of tool & measuring instrument showed a growth of significantrebound. The demand for the import of middle and high end tool & measureincreased substantially, and the consumption structure upgraded sharply. Thetotal consumption was USD4.82 billion, which was a Y-o-Y growth of 20.2%. Theoutput was USD5.8 billion, which was a Y-o-Y growth of 13.7%. The total valueof export was USD2.79 billion, which was a Y-o-Y growth of 8.1%. The totalvalue of import was USD1.81 billion, which was a Y-o-Y growth of 21.5%. Based onthe expectation on the steady growth and the upgrading to middle and high endof China’s manufacturing industry, the consumption of China’s tool &measuring instrument would keep a consistent growth trend in the future

Machine tool industry isthe anchor of manufacturing resource allocation in the world’s markets. Withthe development of the supply side structural reform, China moves its focus onproduct quality. Both of demand and supply sides are experiencing new changes.The structural adjustment and the differentiation of China’s market arebecoming evident. The interaction and overlap of the structural change and theperiodic variation will create a better environment for china machine tool& tool industry to have more opportunities to offer better supplies andhigh quality development in China’s machine tool consumer market. For machinetool industry, the challenges and opportunities are co-existed. The theme ofthe exhibition has been set as “Focus on – Digitalization · Interconnection ·Intelligent Manufacturing” in responding to the trend of China’s machine tool& tool market. We believe CCMT, rooted in the Chinese market, will growbetter and better.




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