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CCMT2018 Opens in ShanghaiToday

China Machine Tool & ToolBuilders’ Association


On April 9, 2018 China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2018(CCMT2018), organized by CMTBA and co-organizedby Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd, opens in Shanghai NewInternational Expo Center Today. Mr. Shen Liechu, Vice Minister of the formerMinistry of Industry of China and Mr. Xu Xingchu, Academician of the ChineseAcademy of Sciences participate in today’s opening ceremony. Mr. Xue Yiping,vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, leaders andrepresentatives of government authorities and domestic organizations, leadersof machine tool associations worldwide, leaders of dozens of well-knowndomestic and international enterprises(list attached), leaders andrepresentatives of key user industries such as automotive, shipping, aviationand aerospace, national defense and so forth participated in today’s openingceremony. Leaders of the organizer and co-organizer also attend the event.

The Opening Ceremony was presided by Mr. Wang Liming, vicepresident of CMTBA. Mr. Mao Yufeng, president of CMTBA gave his congratulatorymessage.

Mr. Mao Yufeng pointed out in his messagethat in 2017, China's machine tool & tool consumer market showed an obviousrestorative growth. Meanwhile, structural adjustment and differentiation of themarket became increasingly apparent and evident. The total consumption ofmetalworking machine tools is 29 billion 970 million US dollars, up by 7.5%compared with the same period last year, and the total consumption of measuringtools is 4 billion 820 million yuan, up 20.2% over the same period. In Januaryand February 2018, import and export data showed that two digit growth in themachine tool market, of which metal working machine tool imports increased by57.84% over the same period. Through the analysis on the statistical data andproduct mix, it is concluded that the consumer market of machine tools in Chinapresents a new feature of "total consumption stabilizes and structureupgrades", and mild growth will show itself in the future. This featureand trend will be reflected in CCMT2018.

The honored guests for ribbon cutting atthe opening ceremony of CCMT2018 are Mr. Long Xingyuan, On-duty RotatingChairman of CMTBA, President of Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool Group, Mr.Woods, President of AMT, Mr. Blaettler, Secretary General of SWISSMEM, Mr.Zhang Zhigang, Rotating Chairman of CMTBA, President of JIER-Machine ToolGroup, Mr. He Minjia, Rotating Chairman of CMTBA, President of GSK CNCEquipment, Mr. HEIN, Director of Economic Dept & Industry MarketingServices of VDW, Mr. Inaba, President of FANUC, Mr. Wang Xu, Rotating Chairmanof CMTBA, President of Beiyi Machine Tool, Mr. Chen Xiangrong, Vice Presidentof Fair Friend Group, Mr. Dong Qingfu, President of YAMAZAKI MAZARK China., Mr.Wang Huanwei, Rotating Chairman of CMTBA, general manager of Ningbo HaitianPrecision Machinery, Mr. Zhang Wenqiao, General manager of Wuhan Heavy Duty MachineTool Group, Mr. Pae, Legal person chief of Doosan Machine Tools China, Mr. NeoPresident of Makino Asia.

The theme of CCMT2018 is set as "Focuson - Digitalization, Interconnection, Intelligent Manufacturing". Thetheme accurately and vividly reflects the current characteristics of machinetool & tool industry and market, responding to the latest changes indomestic and international consumer market, showing the concern and thinking onthe development direction of the future machine tool industry.

Over 1230 machine tool & tool exhibitors from 23 countries andregions such as China, Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, Swiss, theUnited Kingdom, South Korea and China Taiwan joined the fair. There are 500overseas exhibitors accounting for 40% of the area. More internationalexhibitors joined CCMT than before. 10 countries and regions including Germany,the United States, Swiss, Italy, Korea, Spain, Japan, Czech, France and Taiwanorganized national pavilions. France national pavilion joins CCMT for the firsttime. Machine tool associations from 12 countries and regions set upinformation desks in CCMT2018 for convenient information exchange andcommunication.

CCMT2018 uses 10 indoor halls from N1-N5 and W1-W5. The totalexhibition area reaches 120,000 square meters. W1, W2, W4, W5 and N2 aredomestic exhibition halls, while N1, N4 and W3 are international halls. N3 andN5 are shared halls.

Alarge quantity of exhibits could be found in CCMT2018, including metal cuttingmachine tools, metal forming machine tools, special purpose machine tools,flexible manufacturing cells, automatic production lines, industry robots,control system and automatic components, functional components, measuringdevices, tools, jigs & fixtures, measuring and testing instrument, accessories,materials and so forth. CCMT2018 will show visitors the latest technologiessuch as digital manufacturing, information networking solutions and intelligentmanufacturing system.

Accordingto the list of exhibits from parts of exhibitors, we summarized four highlightsof CCMT2018.

Highlight one: Digitalmanufacturing is continuing. Many digital manufacturingsolutions and related products, which are closely related to the transformationof manufacturing mode, provide a variety of choices for learning, using anddrawing lessons from for the vast manufacturing enterprises in the change. Anumber of global mainstream control systems that adapt to the digitalmanufacturing environment are also demonstrated on the same stage to promote Industrial4.0.

Highlight two: The connotation and practiceof integrated manufacturing are deepened and extended. Atthe exhibition, a number of compound machine tools, production units,production lines, multi-spindle multi-blade carrier machine tools, automaticline, the process, procedures, machine tool structure and function, working modeare integrated according to a certain goal, so as to obtain high performanceand high efficiency products, showing the strong advantage and good prospect ofintegrated manufacturing.

Highlight three: The development ofintelligent technology and its wide application. Manyintelligent technologies run through process formulation, programming,simulation and inspection, setting and operation, process control and inspection,maintenance and so forth. Intelligent technologies including technicalsoftware, expert system, communication ability, virtual and simulation,machining navigation, working environment perception and compensation,perception and control of "force", prediction, vision and hearingfurther combined the human-machine relationship and provided excellent supportfor the operation

Highlight four: Special purposemachine tool market shows prosperity

The special purpose machine tool in the exhibition has four features,such as various models, wide range of functions, technical specialization, andclose to the market. Many special purpose machine tools with special, tailor-madeskill and ingenuity are closely related to the market demand. It provides avery rare opportunity for customers who need high performance special purpose equipment


On the morning of April 8th, the day before the openingof the exhibition, the organizer held an important supporting activity - InternationalCEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry 2018, heads, technicaldirectors, senior experts of machine tools of China, the United States,Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries, and CEOs from well-known enterprisesfrom the global industry gave speeches in the forum. A total of 200 people,including CEOs from well-known enterprises, technical directors, managementexecutives, user representatives and media representatives participated in theforum. The forum is widely praised by its high end guests positioning, richcontent, high international participation and fast broadcasting and report.

During CCMT2018, the organizer will carry outa series of international cooperation and activities, including Symposium onthe Application of Domestic CNC Machine Tools and the Annual Meeting of LongTerm Cooperation Mechanism, Forum on International Business, CNC Machine ToolSpecial Achievements Exhibition, News Release on the Evaluation Result ofPerformance of Rolling Functional Component, Release of the Evaluation Resultof Top 10 Advanced Enterprises of CMTBA, Appraisal of the “Spring Swallow” Award,Setting up Educational Institution Showcase, Modern processing video contestand dozens of other activities. These activities are the tradition of CMTBA,and they will upgrade and be enriched.

Today, CCMT2018 has opened. Colorful exhibitsand activities are awaiting your visit and appreciation.



Leaders and representatives of relevantChinese government authorities and domestic industry organizations present inthe opening ceremony are:

Leaders ofnational development and reform commission, ministry of industry andinformation technology of the people’s republic of China, and stateadministration of science, technology, and industry for national defense,council for the promotion of international trade shanghai, commission ofeconomy and information technology of Hunan province, commission of industryand information technology of Henan province, China Machinery IndustryFederation, China Association for Peaceful Use of Military Industrial Technology,China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Die & Mould IndustryAssociation, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, ChinaFoundry Association, China Construction Machinery Association, China HeavyMachinery Industry Association, China Association of Agricultural MachineryManufacturers, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, China Hydraulicsneumatics & Seals Industry, China Electrical Equipment IndustryAssociation, China General Machinery Industry Association, Chinese MechanicalEngineering Society, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade-Machinery Sub-Council, China Council of the Promotion of International Trade-Automotive Sub Council and other associations in machinery industry.

Leaders and representatives of machine tool associations from countriesand regions worldwide, participate in the opening ceremony. They come from: 


Resource: CMTBA

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