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CCMT2024 theme: Focus on — Digitalization, 

Interconnection, Intelligent Manufacturing


In three years of COVID-19 pandemic, CCMT exhibition (China CNC Machine Tool Fair) has suffered many hardships. After the forced suspension of CCMT2020 and CCMT2022, CCMT2024 (China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2024) will finally usher in a shining momentand will be grand held during April 8-12, 2024, with a new appearance at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).


Of particular concern is that after two sessions of silence, CCMT2024 also brings a new change, the exhibition area will achieve breakthrough growth. The show sponsor, China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association (CMTBA), intends to use all 17 exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Centre, will alleviate the problem of insufficient exhibition area that has been troubling key exhibitors for a long time.


CCMT 2024 will continue to follow the theme of

"Focus on—Digitalization, Interconnection, Intelligent Manufacturing".


With the continuous development of digital technology and the expansion of industrial internet applications, intelligent manufacturing technology has been rapidly popularized, "Digitalization, Interconnection, Intelligent Manufacturing" will empower the transformation and upgrading as well as high-quality development of machine tool manufacturing industry at a higher level. CCMT2024 will interpret new contents with the same theme, truly present the process of new technology application and digital-intelligent integration, keeping pace with the development and progress of the industry.


Accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing on the basis of industrial Internet is a necessary way to promote the manufacturing industry from big to strong, which is highly compatible with the direction of the global manufacturing industry. On February 27, 2023, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "Overall Layout Plan for the Construction of Digital China", which points out that the construction of digital China is an important engine for promoting Chinese-style modernization in the digital era, and is a powerful support for constructing a new advantage in the national competition.


In line with the development needs of the times, CMTBA has launched the NC-Link (Communication protocol for the equipments adopting Numerical Control Interlink) standard at the right time, and will further promote the popularization and application of technologies, such as information communication, big data, artificial intelligence, and industrial internet, etc., boost the demonstration application and iterative upgrading of NC-Link, explore data as a factor to participate in the industry's production and practice, and help the intelligent upgrading and transformation of the enterprises  in machine tool and tool industry.


A new intelligent manufacturing ecosystem is being formed. The process of digital manufacturing is a process that requires linkage and economies of scale. With the continuous expansion of industrial Internet technology, the upstream and downstream of the machine tool industrial chain can effectively collaborate to assist enterprises in the transformation to intelligent manufacturing with the whole value chain of manufacturing, and create a digital manufacturing ecosystem together. The new ecosystem generates new market demand. The users in aerospace, automotive, electronic information, energy equipment, medical equipment, construction machinery and others, whether in traditional industries or emerging fields, are in the continuous transformation and upgrading, constantly enrich and expand the application scenarios. Comprehensive application, iterative upgrading and accelerated development of new technologies and products, forming new competitive advantages on new tracks, will bring new and potential demand for machine tool market in China.


China has become the country with the widest international economic and trade ties, and is the largest source of imports for 51 economies and the largest export destination for 24 economies. Judging from the data of production, consumption, import and export of metalworking machine tools in 2022, China remains the largest producer and the largest importer of machine tools, as well as the largest consumer market of machine tools all over the world. As China's mega market advantage and domestic demand potential continue to be unleashed, it will certainly bring new opportunities to global machine tool manufacturers.


The upcoming CCMT2024 is highly concerned by the domestic and foreign machine tool industry, upstream and downstream manufacturers and users of the industry chain. Especially the enterprises in the fields of laser, additive manufacturing, manufacturing software, machine tool parts and other areas, showed a higher participation enthusiasm than before. As of mid-October 2023, the number of domestic and foreign manufacturers declaring their booths has increased significantly compared with that of March 2022 (CCMT2022), and the exhibition area will reach 200,000 square meters, it will become the largest professional international machine tool event in China to date.


CCMT2024 will bring the most cutting-edge and valuable new products, technologies and processes of intelligent manufacturing to the visitors, greatly present the current situation and future prospect of the development of intelligent manufacturing, and become an important window and platform for observing and researching the demand and hotspots of manufacturing industry in the post pandemic era!



Source: CMTBA (China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association)

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