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Focus on — Digitalization,Interconnection, 

and Intelligent Manufacturing: 

Press Conference of CCMT2024

SuccessfullyHeld in Shanghai


March 12, 2024 – The press conference for China CNCMachine Tool Fair 2024 (CCMT2024) was convened in Shanghai. The conference sawthe participations of over 70 journalists from major television stations, leadingradio stations, newspapers, prominent online portals, new media platforms, andspecialized magazines. Esteemed attendees included Mr. Mao Yufeng, President ofthe China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ AssociationCMTBA; Mr. Wang Liming, Mr. GuoChangcheng, and Mr. Wang Xu, Vice Presidents of CMTBA; and Mr. Gu Chunting,Vice Chairman of the Shanghai International Trade Promotion Committee, amongother distinguished leaders from the sponsor and co-organizers. The conferencewas expertly presided over by Vice President Wang Xu.


Organized by the China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’Association in collaboration with Shanghai International Exhibition (Group)Co., Ltd., CCMT2024 is scheduled to take place from April 8-12, 2024 at theShanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong, Shanghai.


The event represents a vibrant return following a hiatusin 2020 and 2022 due to the global pandemic, attracting high attention fromdomestic and overseas machine tool communities, manufactures along theindustrial chain, and users. This year's fair will utilize all 17 indoorexhibition halls of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, covering anunprecedented total area of 200,000 square meters, establishing it as thelargest specialized machine tool exhibition in domestic and Asian history.


The theme for CCMT2024, "Focus on — Digitalization,Interconnection, and Intelligent Manufacturing", aims to highlight theforefront of global innovation in machine tools, showcasing cutting-edgeproducts, technologies, processes, and the latest achievements in digital andsmart integration. The event is poised to present a comprehensive overview ofthe current state and future prospects of intelligent manufacturing.


CCMT has evolved into a critical platform for observingand analyzing market trends and manufacturing demands within the machine toolindustry, serving as a vital window into the industrial development.

Mr. Mao Yufeng

Mr. Wang Liming

Mr. Guo Changcheng

Mr. Wang Xu

The press conference featured addresses from Mr. MaoYufeng, President of CMTBA, and Mr. Gu Chunting, Vice Chairman of the ShanghaiInternational Trade Promotion Committee. Mr. Wang Liming, Vice President ofCMTBA conducted the official news release.


CCMT2024 will occupy all 17 indoor exhibition halls,E1-E7, N1-N5, and W1-W5 of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, withtotal area of 200,000 square meters, bringing together nearly 2,000 exhibitorsfrom 28 countries and regions in a competitive showcase of industry excellence.


Machine tool associations and trade promotionorganizations from twelve countries and regions, including Germany, Japan,Switzerland, the USA, Spain, Korea, Italy, France, Czech, India, Taiwan regionand Hong Kong region of China, organize pavilions to participate, and willpresent their latest technologies and products.


The exhibits at this fair include Metal-cutting Machines;Metal-forming Machines; Non-traditional Machines, Laser Processing Devices,Additive Manufacturing (AM) & Special Purpose Machines; FlexibleManufacturing Cells/Systems (FMC/FMS), Industrial Robots and AutomationEquipment; Casting Machines, Heat Treating Machines, Injection MouldingMachines, Cleaning & Filtration Units, etc.; Components & Auxiliaryapparatus; Numerical Control Systems, Digital Readouts & Machine ToolApparatus; Abrasive Compounds & Slurries, Superhard Materials &Products, Coated Abrasives; Cutting Tools, Jigs & Fixtures, and relatedproducts; Inspection and Measurement Equipment; Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT), Software, Standards, and Protocol Services; Wood & BambooProcessing Machine Tools; Information Consulting, Engineering Services, andmore. Many of these state-of-the-art technologies will become the center ofattention.


The organizer summarized the six highlights of theexhibition by reviewing the existing materials provided by exhibitorsDigital solutions arebecoming increasingly mature, automation technology is widely applied,efficient processing technology is flourishing, energy conservation andenvironmental protection have become new hotspots, networked technology ispromoting manufacturing transformation, and product applicability is exploringnew tracks.


To fully cater to the diverse needs and interests ofattendees at various levels, the organizers of the exhibition have curated acomprehensive array of activities centered around the exhibition's theme,aiming to significantly enhance the visitors' experience. These activitiesincludeInternationalCEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry 2024, Showcase of NC-LinkApplication in Manufacturing Technology, Roundtable Discussions on theApplication of Domestic CNC Machine Tools in Key Areas, Advanced Member (Top10) Awards, the Spring Swallow Award selection, Achievements Exhibition of CNCMachine Tools, International Operation Roundtable Discussions, EducationalInstitutions Showcase, Matchmaking Events on Technological Development ofMachine Tool and Hydraulic and Gas Sealing Industry, and several dozens oftechnical seminars.


During the press conference, leaders from the sponsor andorganizers of CCMT2024 engaged with the media, answering inquiries on theexhibition's preparations and hot topics such as industry development.



Source:  CMTBA

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