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Theme of CCMT2016: New Environment·New Pattern·New Action

来源:China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association  Published:2015-09-18

The 9th China CNC Machine Tool Fair (hereinafter referred to as CCMT2016) will be held on 11-15 in Apr. 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. CMTBA, the organizer, has set the theme for CCMT2016 as New Environment ·New Pattern· New Action after a long-drawn extensive collection and many earnest rounds of discussions.

The theme looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Sure enough, the themes of “New Change·to Future” and “New Normal·New Development” were used at CCMT 2014 and CIMT2015 respectively. “New” in the Fair themes has become the icon of the authoritative machine tool shows of both CIMT and CCMT. The themes, with the unique style, concise expression and profound meaning, have deeply rooted in the hearts of professionals. From CCMT2014 (The CNC Machine Tool Fair 2014) to CIMT2015 (The 14th China International Machine Tool Show) and to the incoming CCMT2016 (The CNC Machine Tool Fair 2016), all the Fairs in 3 consecutive years in different cities were/will be held during China’s economy growth transformation from high-speed to medium-high speed). With the changing economic environment at home and abroad in recent years, China machine tool industry has entered into the stage of new normal from the percept of new change. Today, as the new pattern has been gradually looming again, we need to take actions.


New Environment: Major Changes and Historical Opportunity

The global economy overall is still at its deep rebalancing process with increasingly complicated economic differentiation. The recent market turmoil (particularly) has added new uncertainty to the slow process of recovery, and thus leaves the global stable economy facing new risk. Under such an overall background, China’s economy has entered into a new stage where the main features are slowdown, structural adjustment and driving force conversion. As China’s economic growth slowdown and structural adjustment continue, the market demand of China machine tool & tool has significantly changed: “Aggregate demand significantly declined, and upgrade of demand structure accelerated day by day”. We are bound to notice that China is undergoing positive changes under increasingly downward economic pressure. While the economic structure adjustment is in progress and the new driving forces are forming, the economy begins to become stable amid slowdown and turn for the better. At the same time, China’s political ecology & social ecology have started refactoring quietly. All of the above have laid a solid foundation for China’s long-term, healthy and stable economy growth under the leadership of the entire layout of “4 comprehensives” of the Chinese government. The issue of China Manufacturing 2025 is especially noteworthy. It expounds the long term strategic layout for the development of China’s manufacturing industry with high-end CNC machine tool being one of the main development fields. We have reasons to believe that all the dynamic active environmental factors would be bound to boost the long-term and healthy development of the market for China machine tool & tool industry and provide a new and wide maneuver space to the global machine tool & tool manufacturing industry as well. 


New Pattern: Profound Renovation with Flux

Accompanying the huge change of development environment, both the industry and market patterns of China machine tool industry are experiencing significant changes. Private enterprises in the industry are fast-rising amid the process of reform, opening up and restructuring. Both the number of enterprises and their total profit surpass 80% respectively in the whole industry so far. This kind of quiet change is deeply remodeling the entire pattern of China machine tool & tool industry. At the same time, China’s economic structure is positively changing with consumption exceeding investment becoming the first driving force for the growth of China’s economy. The contribution rate of consumption for the growth of China’s GDP has reached 60.0% in the first half of 2015. At the time when high-speed growth of heavy chemical industry trends to end creating negative impact on the consumption market of machine tool, the manufacture of consumer goods would enhance increasingly motive force toward the consumption market of machine tool. Don’t you think that the implementation of new strategy of one-road-one-belt, new growth power gradually taking shape and extensive uses of new product and technology would certainly trigger huge and deep transformation for the pattern and market of machine tool industry? The new pattern with flux is being shaped.


New Action: More Concentration, More Practicability and More Initiation

New environment and new pattern are calling for the industry’s new actions. Facing the new change, the industry should neither react passively nor wait negatively. It should be equipped with positive and active mindset to seize new opportunity to plan new strategies to carry out new action. In the face of changing situation in recent years, there are many excellent enterprises at home and abroad actively taking effective measures to dig deep into users’ requirements to satisfy the development needs of main fields with dedicated spirit and professional techniques. To improve quality of products while providing complete solution and constant lift of service ability and level, growth against trend could be realized amid the economic downturn background. Next, there must be more historic opportunities along with the deep adjustment of market structure, gradual clearness of industrial pattern and severe challenge. We firmly believe that there will be more and more enterprises finding out their new positions in the new market environment and changing pattern, to satisfy more demand of market segments and to integrate the application of new technique to walk well on the path of differentiation development based on new action.  

New Environment ·New Pattern· New Action, let us together stride for a new future with the help of the platform of CCMT2016!

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